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Getting Back to Our (Normal?) Routine

by Trish on January 6, 2009 · 1 comment

in Daily Life, Getting Organized, My Little Guy

It may sound weird, but it was so good to get back to work yesterday!  I did not work at all after Tuesday last week, so this pay period had no hours on it until I got back in the office.  Luckily, the team that is working on updating pricing is awesome, and we are going to finish the main spreadsheet by today.  Then I just have to focus the rest of the week on the other miscellaneous things that need to be updated.  Plus, I get to train someone on one of my other responsibilities and then shift it over to her – woohoo!

Michael had a great first day back to school, which was a relief.  He has been talking about school like a game and saying that each day is another level, which means that it is harder and harder to do well.  I am trying to help him look at it another way so he doesn’t make failure a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

We bought a responsibility/goal chart the other day (yes I know we could make one for free but he has Christmas money left and sometimes you need the shiny motivators).  He loves it!  He is racing around the house to get dressed and put his toys away and asking me constantly if he is showing respect and not whining (those are some of the goals on it right now – you can switch between 20 or so premade ones or make your own).  Of course, he wants to colored magnets put on the chart in rainbow order, but that’s okay, at least he is doing the things I am asking.  I haven’t had to count past 1 for the last couple of days, which is good.

I think we may be getting “real” cell phones one of these days (we have Tracfones now).  Bob just wants a basic phone, but I want something that will replace my Palm so I don’t have to carry it around anymore.  I also want it to play music so I don’t need to get an iPod, which is what Bob thought I should spend my Christmas money on.  He loves his, and it was a great purchase for him because he is such a music buff, but I am happy just borrowing his when he leaves it at home – like today it is coming to work with me since he left it on the charger!

Well, I better finish up and make lunch for Michael.  Poor little guy, he is alternating between hot dogs and waffles right now because the Camp Hill Giant stopped carrying his GFCF chicken nuggets and fish sticks.  Bob thinks the Karns out in Hershey has them, and I know the gluten free store in Dillsburg has the dinosaur shaped ones, but they are even more expensive than the Ian’s brand.  Healthy Grocer only carries Bell & Evans the last time I checked, and they are more like chicken tenders, which are too much like real chicken for Michael, not kid-friendly at all.  I have not been successful making ones he will eat either.  At least he has his ANDI bars for breakfast, so I know he is started the day off with a decent amount of protein.

Anyway, I would say sorry for rambling, but since that is the purpose for this blog, I won’t!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

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