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Sunday Best – October 10th

by Trish on October 10, 2010 · 2 comments

in Autism, Daily Life, Resources

Sorry I haven’t written much this week. I have been preoccupied with a few things, including a major car repair that I need to get scheduled and a letter I need to write to Michael’s IEP case manager with several concerns regarding implementation of the existing items and discussion of some new ones.

I know what I want to say but I am stuck on how to say it in the best way to get results. Unfortunately, that can sometimes lead to procrastination, which in turn affects all the other things I need to get done as well. Quite the vicious circle!

It’s posts like these that give me the strength to gird my loins again and write the first draft of the letter.

The Inclusion Dance by Susan Etlinger

It’s official: I’m a bitch. By which I mean I’ve moved past that initial flush of optimism and teamwork and wanting everyone to feel good about themselves to disappointment, confrontation, detente, anger and now — inevitably — relentlessness.

F-Word Series: Fortitude by Mom-Blog

Your mental and emotional strength lies in your ability to STAY there, after your fit or break down, or Dove-choco-fest. To push away the bad thoughts and take your kids to the park or the beach or the birthday party or bowling. To, even a for a moment, damn the despair and find gratitude for this family of yours.

I’ve read a lot more great posts over the last couple of weeks, but frankly I am so tired (I’ve also been giving rides to someone, which has cut into my schedule as well) that I’m just going to share these two today.

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