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Nu Life Foods Taste Test

by Trish on December 6, 2010 · 4 comments

in Autism, Daily Life, Resources

For those of you with kids who are picky eaters, you know how hard it can be to introduce new foods (or even new brands of a food they like) into their diet. And if the child has food intolerances to ingredients such as gluten and casein, the task becomes doubly hard as you search for items that will pass inspection for dietary restrictions and the taste/texture test.

So I was a tiny bit apprehensive when I was contacted by NuLife Foods about trying out a sample pack of their frozen food items with my son. I was very intrigued, however, by the fact that all of their foods are not only free of any gluten, casein or soy, but also do not contain preservatives, artificial colors or flavors and are high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

We received sample sizes of six different products from NuLife: chicken nuggets, chicken burgers, beefy veggy meatballs, ultimate “cheese” pizza, cinnamon french toast and chocolate chip cookies. My son was only willing to try the items that were similar to things he already eats, so I ended up dividing the tasting duties between him and my husband.

My son tried and loved the chicken nuggets, french toast and especially the chocolate chip cookies. With the nuggets and cookies, I had enough to split them into two separate meals.

This is important because it allowed me to answer the all-important question, “Will he like it again the second time he eats it?” (I have gotten burned several times in the past when he tried something and said he liked it, but then wouldn’t eat more than one bite the next time.) The answer for both foods was yes, he did like them the second time, and even wanted more.

My husband gave an enthusiastic thumbs up to both the chicken burgers and the meatballs. The only thing we didn’t try yet is the pizza, so I don’t have an opinion on that product yet, but everything else was a definite home run in our house. (I didn’t participate in the taste testing because my esophagitis has been acting up and I have been limited on what and how much I can eat.)

The prices are certainly a bit higher than you would pay for similar items locally, but of course the catch with that is whether you can find them locally and whether they will taste as good. Also, many GFCF products that may be obtainable in a grocery store with a specialty section will not be soy free as well, so that is another consideration.

The quality of what we received from NuLife Foods was extremely good, and I would consider keeping some on hand for a special occasion such as a holiday meal where I know in advance my son won’t have as many options of what to eat as everyone else.

If you are interested in trying out some of their products, you can actually order the same trial pack we received from their website. At the time of this writing, you can get one trial pack for just $10.00 plus shipping (one time offer). This is a nice way to try out the products with your own test subjects before ordering a larger amount.

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