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MoveAbout Activity Cards by David & Kathy Jereb

by Trish on September 7, 2011 · 0 comments

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Move About Activity Cards: Quick and Easy Sensory Activities to Help Children Refocus, Calm Down or Regain Energy
by David Jereb, OTR/L & Kathy Jereb, COTA/L
Sensory World, 2010
64 cards

About the Book

Winner of an iParenting Media Award, this colorful 64-card deck provides fun-filled activities that will help children develop their sensory-motor skills in a game-like format. These cards offer delightful activities for children of all ages and abilities.

Many activities require no special equipment, while others make use of standard, classroom equipment to develop children’s sensory-motor skills and improve their learning and behavior. A great tool for parents, teachers, or therapists to use at home, at school, or in the clinic!

Includes 64 cards on a convenient a snap-ring holder, “How to Use” pamphlet, and sturdy storage box.

My Thoughts

My son and I were both delighted by the adorable illustrations and fun activities in this card pack from the moment we opened it. We took turns finding some activities we were already familiar with and then picking out some new ones to try.

Of course, he quickly decided that his favorite was the most involved one – creating a five-part obstacle course. But he also enjoyed things like walking over a gym ball and back, or passing a weighted ball above your head to a friend while standing back-to-back.

I took them to school last week to show the team and talk to the OT about having him use some of them there during sensory breaks. She was very receptive to the idea and, after discussing which types of activities would be appropriate for school and what equipment she could provide, we picked out about 8 to let him choose from during his breaks. We plan to rotate the cards once a month so the activities stay fresh, and then we can use the others at home as needed.

I think these are great because they provide that much needed visual component and are kid-friendly in appearance and ease of use. They also give the adults a good selection of ideas and a way to structure the timeframe for the kids.

MoveAbout Activity Cards is available directly from Sensory World/Future Horizons, where you can use the code INTERRUPTED to receive 15% off and free shipping in the continental US.

Note: This is Book #78 of my 2011 Reads (master list here). I received a review copy for free, and all opinions and comments are my own. The Future Horizons discount code is an affiliate link.

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