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It’s the Ultimate Blog Party ~ Plus a Giveaway! #UBP12

by Trish on April 13, 2012 · 8 comments

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Ultimate Blog Party 2012

So, here we are again, time for the Ultimate Blog Party at 5 Minutes for Mom. Always such a great way to make new friends and expand your horizons!

My only dilemma is figuring out which linky list to put my name on – I’m such a black-and-white thinker that it’s hard for me to pick just one category. :)

So, who am I and where do I fit in? First and foremost, I’m a mom. I have one son, Michael, who is 10 years old and in 3rd grade. Because my husband and I are recently separated, Michael and I have just moved into an apartment and are working on making it a home. He will be switching schools in the fall, so we are also preparing for that big transition.

Product Reviews and Giveaways? Well, I am a major bookworm and love to share books with others, so I often write reviews of books that I have been given for free. Additionally, I am part of the team at 5 Minutes for Books and love writing reviews for that site as well. I don’t really do other product reviews, however, so I guess I don’t exactly fit on that list.

Christian and Religious Blogs? I am a born-again Christian and am deeply in love with Jesus. My faith informs and colors everything I do, including how I read a book or look at a disability issue, but it’s not the primary focus of most blog posts, so maybe that’s not the best place either.

Special Needs Blogs? My son Michael has autism, and I was diagnosed last November with Asperger’s, so we definitely qualify for this category. I used to write about this topic quite a lot, but haven’t written as much on it lately. I am passionate about advocacy and would love someday to make that a bigger part of my life’s work.

Specialty Blogs? Hmm, this one is a possibility, especially if you look at how heavily weighted my recent posts have been towards books. I do write about other things, though, so I’m just not ready to commit here.

Business Blogs? No, although I make a (very) small amount of money from blogging, I do it because I love it! Daily Life and Opinion Blogs? No, not really, although I do have plenty of opinions about daily life. Dad Blogs? No, this one I know the answer to for sure!

So, where DO I fit? Since what I blog about varies with the seasons of my life, I guess it ultimately comes down to the reason I go to 5 Minutes for Mom. It’s because I’m a mom who has lots of different stuff going on in her life and likes to take a little bit of time each day to learn something new or be inspired by someone else’s story.

If that’s you, too, and you don’t mind a little bit of rambling and a whole lot of reading along the way, I’d love to have you stick around and see how we can learn from and inspire each other. Subscribe to my feed or sign up by email to get connected.

I’d also love for you to leave a comment and let me know you stopped by – I’ll be giving away a prize package with some of my favorite reads* this year to one lucky reader (US addresses only). Simply leave a comment below to enter, and I’ll announce the winner on April 23rd.

*Books may include some uncorrected proofs and possibly a bit of highlighting or a few notes in the margins.

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