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Asperger’s on the Job by Rudy Simone

by Trish on October 22, 2012 · 0 comments

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Asperger’s on the Job: Must-have Advice for People with Asperger’s or High Functioning Autism, and their Employers, Educators, and Advocates
by Rudy Simone
Future Horizons, 2010

About the Book:
Up to 85% of the Asperger’s population are without full-time employment, though many have above-average intelligence.

Rudy Simone, an adult with Asperger’s Syndrome and an accomplished author, consultant, and musician, created this insightful resource to help employers, educators, and therapists accommodate this growing population, and to help people with Asperger’s find and keep gainful employment.

Rudy’s candid advice is based on her personal experiences and the experiences of over 50 adults with Asperger’s from all over the world, in addition to their employers and numerous experts in the field.

Detailed lists of “what the employee can do” and “to employers and advocates” provide balanced guidelines for success, while Rudy’s “Interview Tips” and “Personal Job Map” tools will help Aspergians, young or old, find their employment niche.

There is more to a job than what the tasks are. From social blunders, to sensory issues, to bullying by coworkers, Simone presents solutions to difficult challenges. Readers will be enriched, enlightened, and ready to work—together!

My Thoughts:
This is another great book by Rudy Simone which I would highly recommend to anyone with Asperger’s, as well as to those who are teaching, supporting, or supervising someone with AS. The book is laid out in a fashion similar to that of Aspergirls (which I loved!), with each chapter having a discussion of the topic followed by suggestions for the person with AS and for those around them. While disclosure of Asperger’s may be desired or necessary at times, Simone leaves that decision up to the reader and offers advice that can easily work for those who wish to keep that information private.

Here are just a few of the insights that are shared in the book, each of which can create a positive or negative impression in others but are really just pieces of information that can be used to better understand someone with AS, thus allowing for improved communication and productivity:

  • People with Asperger’s have an irrepressible urge to inform, often without correctly anticipating the emotional reaction of the recipient.
  • A person with Asperger’s Syndrome will often say or do what is logical rather than what is socially and emotionally expected of them.
  • Their face won’t always match the way that they feel; nor will their expression be what one might expect in a given moment.
  • You can be sure that if they are “in the zone,” they are unsurpassed in diligent effort, research, problem-solving, and just plain work.
  • Internal motivation is what will drive a person with AS, the feeling of a job well done, more than prestige or promise of reward…. People with AS possess a diligent, perfectionist attention to detail.

In addition to these practical topics and useful ideas to make a workplace more conducive to the needs of a person with Asperger’s, Simone also tackles difficult situations such as workplace gossip and bullying that make it unbearable, and even unsafe, to remain in a job, as well as issues such as handling an interview and the use of personality tests in the hiring process that make it tricky to even get a job in the first place.

Ultimately, her goal is to assist both employees with Asperger’s and their employers to work together for both of their benefit. After all, who wants to feel like they have to look for a new job, or be forced to take the time to find a new employee? As Simone puts it, “Employers should not lose a valuable employee over things that can be fixed. Nor should a person with AS leave a job they love for the wrong reason.”

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Note: I received a review copy of this book for free, but all opinions are my own. I am an affiliate of Future Horizons and receive a small amount of compensation for any sales made using the promotional code provided. You can use the code INTERRUPTED when ordering books or other materials – or even conference registrations – to receive 15% off plus free shipping in the continental US.

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