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In-Sync Activity Cards

by Trish on November 23, 2012 · 0 comments

in Autism, Resources, Therapies

In-Sync Activity Cards: 50 Simple, New Activities to Help Children Develop, Learn and Grow!
by Joye Newman, MA, and Carol Kranowitz, MA
Sensory World, 2012

About the Set
These two experienced authors have over seventy combined years of teaching experience and have learned the best ways to help children learn and grow using their motor development skills. Now parents can tap that experience and genius, using these handy cards to help their kids grow, learn, and develop to the best of their abilities!

Divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced activities, each card tells you why and how the activity works, what you need for it, and ways to make it more challenging. It also tells you what to look for, to make sure your child is getting the most out of the activity.

My Thoughts:
I was very excited to get this set for review, especially since I have been so pleased with an earlier set from the same publisher, called Move-About Activity Cards (linked to my review). I have found them to be very useful with my son, and the school team really likes using them during his sensory breaks.

This set is much more detailed and seems like it would have a lot of different applications, from sensory and movement needs, to development of motor planning and imitation, as well as direction-following skills.

The cards have great illustrations and are color-coded by skill level, plus each one includes ideas for how to make it a bit harder, which makes it very easy to customize for individual abilities and interests. They also include clear instructions regarding what materials you need and what you have to do to set up the activity, which is extremely helpful when planning which ones are workable given your resources at that time.

For my own child, I could see these cards being useful for his sensory breaks or even to work on turn-taking (i.e. allowing someone else to be in charge) in a peer group without the competitive stressors involved in playing a game. Although he is 10 and starting the preteen phase of his development, I still believe he would be drawn to the novelty of the cards and the imaginative activities.

Discount Opportunity: If you order In-Sync Activity Cards directly from Future Horizons, you can use the code INTERRUPTED to receive 15% off and free shipping in the continental US.

Note: I received a review copy of this set for free, but all opinions are my own. I am an affiliate of Future Horizons and receive a small amount of compensation for any sales made using the promotional code provided. You can use the code INTERRUPTED when ordering books or other materials – or even conference registrations – to receive 15% off plus free shipping in the continental US.

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