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Love Anthony by Lisa Genova is not so much a story about the life of the young boy named Anthony as it is a story about the echo he left behind. Anthony had autism, and just as his mother Olivia was beginning to embrace the reality of who he was, his life was cut short by a seizure.

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Different…Not Less: Inspiring Stories of Achievement and Successful Employment from Adults with Autism, Asperger’s and ADHD is a brand new collection of essays showcasing individuals with a developmental disability who have nonetheless found meaningful and fulfilling careers.

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Welcome to May, everyone! I haven’t posted many links in a while, but I have come across a few posts this week that I really wanted to share.

Recognizing Readiness is the third annual blog carnival on child development hosted by Dr. Barbara Boucher at TherExtras. This is an excellent collection of posts on the topic of readiness from a variety of viewpoints, and I’m sure whatever stage your child is at, you will find something of interest among them.

An Interview with Carol Greenburg, Autism Women’s Network Regional Director is an in-depth discussion about Ms. Greenburg’s work as an advocate as well as some of her experiences as a person with Asperger’s Syndrome. Definitely a must read!

Child TalkRed Flags for Autism in Toddlers at ChildTalk is a great list of some early signs of autism, most of which I only learned about after our son was diagnosed.

While this may be familiar information to many of us with kids on the spectrum, I do think it will be a really good resource when I am approached by people who have concerns about a young child in their life.

Words Create Worlds – If you don’t have Mother of Shrek in your feed reader, you need to add her now before you do anything else…. Okay, now you can go and read her post about the power of words. (And make sure to follow the links in her post as well; you will be glad you did.)

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